Woman claims her boyfriend abused her, by saying her vagina stunk


A doctor blogger is making rounds on the internet with her posts detailing the reasons why women shouldn’t try to clean their vagina with products. One particular posts speaks of women who are attempting cleanse their with cucumbers.

Dr. Jen Gunter urged other women to break up with any partners who criticize their vaginas — after sharing her own personal experience with a nasty fella.

Writing on her blog, the Canadian gynecologist slammed the ridiculous trend before revealing that she had previously broken up with a man who had criticized her privates.

I once dated a guy who insinuated my vagina did not smell right. He was an ass in other ways too, but I just didn’t see it until he impugned my vagina. For example, he thought my hair would be better if it were straight.

Sadly I took the bait; it wasn’t. He thought I would look better if I dressed a certain way.

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