Three Ohio pastors charged with sex trafficking, arrested for prostituting 14-year-old girl


Rev. Cordell Jenkins

According to court records, Reverend Cordell Jenkins took the girl, identified by the FBI as Juvenile No. 1, to a Red Roof Inn in Toledo on “at least two occasions,” including once after Mr. Jenkins had pressured the girl to find an acquaintance for a shared sexual act and she complied.

The Red Roof Inn “confirmed that on two occasions Jenkins reserved a room at the motel” and surveillance video confirmed his presence. On the first occasion, the video “clearly shows Jenkins and Juvenile No. 1 enter a motel room and leave about an hour later,” the affidavit states, and the second video “confirmed that Jenkins was there with at least one of the juveniles.”

Agents said Pastor Jenkins paid Juvenile No. 1 on all occasions, ranging between $100 and $300, except for the time with the second girl, who was paid “approximately $120 to $140” for her participation.


Pastor Jenkins

The pastors are being  held without bail, due to The Bail Reform Act, which states that offenses of a sexual nature against children are among the crimes that carry a presumption that the defendant be held in jail.

During his hearing Reverend Jenkins covered his face with his hands and shook his head no as the charges and possible penalties he faced if convicted, were read in court.

In addition, the paperwork identified  Lucas County Administrator Laura Lloyd-Jenkins as Pastor Jenkins’ wife.

Reverend Kenneth Butler

Rev. Kenneth Butler

Reverend Kenneth Butler

Rev. Haynes is declared to have actually been sexually making use of juveniles for the last 3 years, going back to when among the juveniles included was 14 years of ages. He made the introduction.

Reverend Kenneth Butler’s accuser states in federal court documents that she fulfilled him when she was 15 years of ages at Reverend Anthony Haynes’ church in Toledo..

The document states Pastor Kenneth Butler talked  to the girl inside his car, in the parking lot of Hayne’s church. During that conversation Butler expressed interest in  “making love to her in the front seat of his automobile which he would make her [redacted].”  Court documents show another church member approached the pair, interrupting the conversation.

Later the girl ended up “fulfilling” the pastor in some sexual capacity.


Pastor Butler found out pimping aint easy

The document also states, the girl said Butler drove her to work and to Butler’s church in Detroit, Mich.

Soon after fulfilling him,  Butler informed the victim he wished to make love with her.

When the victim turned 16, nevertheless, “she made love with Butler in his automobile in the City of Toledo. Around one month later, she felt pregnant and took numerous Plan B tablets she thought ended the pregnancy.

Another time, the teen victim explained having sex with Butler, 37, inside his automobile on  a street off the Anthony Wayne Trail. “Immediately following the sex, Butler left money for her on the center console.

Butler, who calls himself a prophet on his Facebook page, declared in the affidavit after admitting to sex with the underaged victim, that the cash he offered her was not for sex.

Pastor Butler

Pastor Butler with the smooth perp walk

Celia Williamson, director of the Human Trafficking and Social Justice Institute, informed WTOL that Butler groomed and exploited his victim.

“In my eyes he was discovering her vulnerabilities, her love of God, and her faith, and he utilized that, twisted that maybe, to entice her into exactly what he desired. It had absolutely nothing to do with God, Jesus or anything great,” Williamson stated.

reverend anthony haynes rev kenneth butler_1127

Pastor Butler & Pastor Haynes

In a video apology prior to being apprehended, Butler did not particularly discuss the charges versus him.

“Before things explode … I wished to … simply ask forgiveness. I do not think I’ve done it on function. I attempt not to do anything on function however … if I Kenneth Butler … have actually done anything in any method to anger you to make you feel bad to make you see God or me various … I wished to get on here and make a public apology,” he stated.

Butler continued:

“I understand in some cases since of who we are and who we are linked to our tasks can get twisted up and things take place. In this season I stated be extremely cautious. Be really mindful of your connections.”

Butler was held due to a recording by Haynes’ better half.

If I Kenneth Butler … have actually done anything in any method to anger you to make you feel bad to make you see God or me various … I desired to get on here and make a public apology,” he stated.

Oh, that’s not all. Reverend Jenkins’ wife entire life changed after this.

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