A mother placed her two kids in the oven, and turned it on… She then called 911, and blamed the babysitter


When police arrived at the Oakland City West End apartment on Howell Place, Ja’Karter and Ke’Younte were dead. The children had burns on their body.

The stove was removed from the apartment by police for further forensic investigation.

Police did not believe the children’s mother left them with a caregiver, as she had said.

Williams was charged  with murder after her story to detectives did not add up.

It was later found that the mother of four, killed her children “by placing them in an oven and turning it on,” according to an arrest warrant.

Williams is charged  with two counts of murder and one count of cruelty to children in the first degree.  She is being held without bond at the Fulton County jail.

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The father of all three children, Jameel Penn, said Williams called him by video chat that night to tell him his children were dead. Penn said he called police after seeing his sons on the floor.

Williams’ mother said her daughter has a long history of mental illness. She believes her daughter snapped after breaking up with her children’s father.


The boys’ father also called 911.

“I just received a call from my child’s mother that my … two of my … two dead babies; my sons are dead in an apartment,” Jameel Penn tells 911.

“She video called me and I seen it,” Penn says. “I really think they are dead.”

“My daughter is a sick person if she did what I think she did,” Brenda Williams told the television station, but she said she was not surprised. She wore dark sunglasses “to hide her tears,” CBS46 reported.

“Mora wasn’t right, she hasn’t been right and what happened three months ago, that the kids father left her, I told him something tragic is going to happen. She’s going to do something to those kids, she’s going to do something to herself,” said Brenda Williams to the television station.
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Penn said in the radio interview that Williams’ parents had said she had mental illness since birth. When her father was found dead in 2014, that made things worse, he said. “After that, it was just worse and worse over time. Every year after 2014, it got worse and worse,” Penn told the radio hosts.

He said arguments ensued. Williams’ father “did everything for her,” Penn said. “That was her backbone, and when she lost him, she lost the world.”


Lamora Williams’ family said she struggled most of her life with mental issues and may have been dealing with postpartum at the time of the incident.

“I reported her to DFACS (Division of Family and Children Services)at one point in time once her father died and I did tell DFACS everything because I either wanted them to give me the kids or get the kids out of her possession because at one time I thought she was just going nuts not feeding them,” said the toddler’s grandmother.

It’s a tragedy which her sister thinks could have been prevented.

“She had issues and the fact that the state failed her, that’s a problem,” said Tabitha Hollingworth.