A mother placed her two kids in the oven, and turned it on… She then called 911, and blamed the babysitter

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Lamora called 911, claiming she left the kids with her cousin, and came back to find her children dead. During the call Lamora was very concerned about being arrested.

Lamora: “Mam. I have a question, and this is a serious matter. I just left my cousin in the house with my kids. She just left my kids in the house. When I came home from work, and two of my kids are dead.  What do I gotta do? They dead. She left them in the house dead by themselves.

Operator: Where are you now?

Lamora: I’m in my house. She left my door open. My oldest baby boy is the only one alive.

Operator tries to interrupt…

Lamora: Can you listen, When I came in the stove was laying on my youngest son’s head. And my other son was laidon the floor with his brains laid out on the floor. I don’t know what to do. I just came home from work from this. She just left my babies dead.

Operator: Can you tell me where you are located?

Lamora: “Umm. Mam. I can’t even talk. This is so serious. I’m so scared,” Williams, 24, tells the dispatcher. “I don’t want to get locked up because I was at work.”

The dispatcher tries to calm Williams and promises to send help, but Williams repeats herself.

“This is not my fault; I just came home from work,” she says.

The dispatcher once again tries to get the address, and reassures Williams again, that the responsibility would fall on the relative, if that’s who she left the kids with.

Lamora: I understand that, but can you please help me. This is not my fault. I just came home from work.  They been in here dead like this. There is no way in the phuck she left my babies dead like this.

It’s 2:21 into the call and Lamora finally told someone where she was. She then tells EMS over the phone that the babies are burnt and definitely dead.

As soon as the address is revealed, the dispatcher calls police and fire.

Williams thanks them and the line goes dead.


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