The Secret Behind Rihanna’s New Tattoo

Rihanna Tweeted a Split Picture of her New Falcon Tattoo

The drama with Chris Brown and Drake battling has been the source of news EVERYWHERE, and the main source of the reasoning, (People Think) is Rihanna.

Everyone knows the drama between Chris and Rihanna; a person would have to be living under a rock to not know. For time to time rumors have speculated about Drake and Rihanna being a couple, but nothing has been confirmed by either party.

Could Drake and Chris be making a fool of themselves over a female, when her interest lies somewhere else?? If they are really beefing over her, I think it’s something else going on.

Thug Girl RiRi (That’s What I call her, she must name her next album this) has been very interested in getting tattooed up lately. Early this year she got Thug Life tattooed across her hand and now the recent tattoo of a falcon on her ankle.  Usually drastic changes in someone, especially a young person, almost, always have to do with a person that they are interested in.  True Chris is Tattooed up, but Rihanna wasn’t this interested in getting tattoos when they were together, so I decided to research more, and came across New York Knicks , NBA player , J.R. Smith (Nick-Named, the Tattoo King) .

New York  Knicks NBA Player J.R. Smith Tattoos

The back of J.R Smith

The Sun, the paper that Rihanna can’t stand she even tweeted her hatred towards them early this month which read

The Sun Newspaper is like a fuckin ass hair, full of shit!!!!!!

The paper broke news last month about Rihanna and J.R Smith.  They reported the two being spotted throughout nightclubs in New York getting cozy, on SEVERAL occasions. Last month the couple partied until the early hours at LIV nightclub in the Fontainebleau Hotel, where Rihanna’s was spotted hanging out with Drake, according to reports.  The New York Times even reported the two hanging out together in Miami Memorial day weekend.  J.R. was supposedly, arrested on an outstanding bench warrant for driving without a license, but was bonded on Friday, giving him ample time to spend Memorial Day weekend with Rihanna.

Rihanna’s Thug Life Tattoo across her hand, Interesting J.R. has a  similar one

Picture Of J. R.’s  Hand Tattoo

I usually rebut news of Rihanna dating anyone; because it’s a different person every week, but this is starting make sense.  J.R Smith is known as the tattoo king of the NBA league he even got a tattoo across his hand like Rihanna’s recent  Thug Life” tat  (Hint, Hint)  Is Rihanna getting all the Tattoos to impress a new love interest? I guess we will have to wait and see if this relationship actually goes public.  I’m starting to believe it more and more with each tattoo.

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